HSB Awesome Bridge at Hacienda Samaná Bay

Hacienda Samana Bay

Residential and touristic project

A treasure to discover

Hacienda Samana Bay is the only bay-view hotel condo concept built at the core of Santa Barbara de Samana. Due to its distinguished tiered structure, each unit allows residents and visitors to have a spectacular panoramic view. HSB Hotel & Residences is set at the foot of the Santa Barbara pier. 

The project has a contemporary feel to it. It includes comfortable oceanfront rooms, plenty of amenities and a destination infused with wild & marine life. The modern architecture of HSB blends perfectly with its natural environment and the traditional style embedded in Santa Barbara de Samana.



HSB Awesome Bridge at Hacienda Samaná Bay
HSB view from te ocean
HSB Santa Barbara of Samaná Bridge at Hacienda Samaná Bay

Hsb Hotel & residences

The perfect place to retreat

Breathe in the spectacular sea/bay view. Hacienda Samana Bay Hotel & Residences is open to fill your stay with peace and excitement! Our 60 modern rooms face the sea, receive significant natural light and its simplicity is what will make of your stay the comfiest time. For information regarding our COVID-19 measures, reservations or visits to our restaurant, please click below to take you to our hotel site!



Important sights such as Cayacoa beach, Cayo Vigia, Museo de la ballena, the pedestrian mall Pueblo Principe and St. Peter’s Evangelical Church also known as “La Churcha” are within walking distance. The bay is located beneath the Peninsula of Samana. It is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world. 

This region is known for its incredible views of forested mountains and treasured clear water beaches surrounding the entire peninsula. Come to Samana to enjoy its beautiful hospitable people and the variety of eco-excursions this tropical picturesque beach town has to offer. Nature’s finest spots are calling to be explored. Come and discover Samana’s hidden secrets.

Colorful Houses close to Hacienda Samaná Bay
Ballena Acrobática at Hacienda Samaná Bay