Humpback Whale Season in Samaná

Hacienda Samaná

December 23, 2020

During the Humpback Whale season, observing these majestic cetaceans is one of the great tourist attractions in Samaná Bay. The growing popularity of this activity has boosted tourism in Samaná, a province of the Dominican Republic that is fortunate to have one of the largest and best humpback whale breeding sanctuaries in the world.

When is the Humpback Whale Season in Samaná?

As of January 15, the Humpback Whale season begins in Samaná. Its observation lasts until March 30 in the bay of Samaná and until April 15 in the banks of La Plata and Christmas according to data provided by the Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic .

Humpback Whales swim at Hacienda Samana Bay - Temporada de Ballenas Jorobadas en Samaná

How are the excursions carried out in the Humpback Whale Season in Samaná?

There are excursions departing from various hotels in different areas of our country, departing in comfortable and safe boats from the picturesque port of Samaná, the boats usually carry a marine biologist who will be explaining very interesting data to you, this will make you enjoy a one of the most exciting experiences that can be lived in the north of the Dominican Republic.

They will stop in the middle of the sea while they wait for the humpback whales to come to the surface, with snacks and drinks included, where the People will be able to approach a few meters from these colossal mammals and contemplate this fascinating panorama that will amaze them with so much beauty. This excursion is only possible from January to March.

Right on the boardwalk of Samaná there are several specialized companies that offer this type of excursion, you can also make the reservation online.

Humpback Whale jumps at Hacienda Samaná Bay - Temporada de Ballenas Jorobadas en Samaná

Why is Samaná the ideal place to observe Humpback Whales?

Samaná is the ideal corner of the Caribbean to carry out this activity every year, since between January and March, some 3,000 humpback whales reproduce in its warm waters. You will be speechless!

As an owner or client (in our HSB project) you can request this excursion, which is super exciting for anyone who loves nature and exploration.

Below you will find a video of the experience lived exploring whale watching with HSB.

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