Sky Cana promotes Samana with its second airbus a321

Hacienda Samaná

June 17, 2021

Sky Cana , the new Dominican airline incorporated its second aircraft, Airbus A321-200 , at the International Airport of the Americas ( AILA ).

Its fleet is increased with another Airbus A 321-200 aircraft distinguishing itself with the allegorical name of one of the country's tourist destinations " Go Samaná ", making history and contributing to the spread of the tourist hub.

The airline has operating agreements with Sky High Aviation and Air Century , (ACSA), companies that will have operational responsibility.

The new aircraft will allow a considerable increase in new routes, providing 440 seats, meeting the immediate needs of the Dominican tourism sector, according to the company in a statement.

With registration 9H-AME, the plane is named Naika Díaz Medina , daughter of the airline's CEO, Frank Díaz and Dania Medina, according to a statement.

By now promoting Samaná, the airline continues its trend of promoting tourist areas of the country in view of the fact that its first plane displays the promotional phrase " Go Puerto Plata ".

The Airbus A321 is a member of the aircraft that make up the Airbus A320 family, it is a short-medium-range twin-engine commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus.

Sky Cana is currently converting their existing RAD135 license into a RAD121 license that will give the opportunity to become a purely Dominican airline with the capacity to have its fleet with aircraft of all capacities.

Source: Arecoa