Hacienda Samaná Bay, proyecto

The Place

Why Samana?

The name of Samaná, written centuries ago as Xamaná, is the Taíno name of the region.

Samana is the most authentic province of the Dominican Republic, it is located in the northeast of the country, completely occupying the Samaná Peninsula. Its capital is the city of Santa Bárbara of Samaná , usually called just Samaná.

It is a peninsula with a unique personality, and through our Hacienda Samana Bay project we want to offer you a different type of tourism where we show great options for all those who seek to savor a lifestyle in contact with nature, with a fascinating history and beaches that will immerse you in a caribbean paradise.

The best kept secret in the Caribbean

The untold story of Samaná

Samaná's Bridge




La Churcha

Diverse Culture