Ballena Acrobática at Hacienda Samaná Bay

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This province is full of unforgettable experiences that you can experience daily at your own pace, because in Samaná you set the limit.Samaná is famous for whale watching, living here you can enjoy nature in its purest state. Si deseas explorar y conocer, Samaná te ofrece un sin número de actividades. Disfruta de los tours, excursiones y actividades que ofrece el destino. Puedes elegir entre disfrutar de sol en una tranquila caminata por el malecón, jugar en la arena en una de las más de 20 playas que ofrecemos o elegir excursiones de buceo, senderismo, vela, cuevas precolombinas, convirtiéndote en un explorador. Además, Samaná es el lugar perfecto para mimar tu paladar a la vez que sigues conociendo el lugar más a fondo, su gastronomía autentica está estrechamente ligada a la envolvente historia de este destino.


Humpback Whales

In Santa Barbara of Samaná you can go on a boat trip to see the Humpback whales that visit us from mid-January to mid March. They come to the waters of Samaná to mate and winter after having crossed the ocean.


La zona costera de la península de Samaná cuenta con muchos lugares para practicar el BUCEO DEPORTIVO debido a sus paisajes coralinos, abundante fauna marina y preciosas formaciones rocosasque ofrecen un hermoso espectáculo marino.

Considered one of the best places to practice sport diving in the Dominican Republic.


El Limón Waterfall

This waterfall has a fall of 50 meters, and to reach it you must go on horseback through cocoa and mango plantations.

Parque nacional los haitises

Navigate the waters of this reserve’s surrounds and explore mangroves, old pirate caves and birdlife.

Cuenta con asombrosos panoramas de colinas calcificadas, grutas, manglares y es el hábitat natural de tortugas marinas y diversas aves.

According to , they cover an area of ​​1,600 km², Los Haitises National Park is one of the jewels of the national park system of the Dominican Republic.

Los Haitises, which translates to “mountainous land” in the Taíno language, attracts many visitors who come here by boat to see its magnificent series of rock formations rising out of the water. The park also has lush mangroves along its bay, which is adorned with keys that are home to multiple colonies of birds and a series of caves known for having the largest number of petroglyphs and pictographs in the country.



Samaná has over 20 fascinating beaches, of which some are still virgin. Save this list so that next time you are here you know where to go.



The gastronomy of Samaná has great influences from Afro-American immigrants who in search of a peaceful and prosperous life began to arrive en masse to the peninsula from the city of Philadelphia, United States in 1824.

These immigrants brought with them dishes not known in the region and even developed the food that at the time came to be called "Journey Cake" to later be baptized as "Yanikeke".

The history of this food is extensive and varies depending on the region of the country where it is told, but the version of this food in Samaná is very different from the Yanikeke commonly known in other regions of the country.

In addition to traditional African American cuisine, Samaná is famous for its rich variety of seafood and fish. Its proximity to the sea allows you to enjoy access to marine dishes all year round.

This privilege makes it a highly coveted destination for lovers of gastronomic tourism, people who, in addition to enjoying the adventure that Samaná provides, also enjoy its various flavors through exotic dishes that more than one tourist has classified as unforgettable.